Help people and organizations learn, develop and adapt to an increasingly complex world.

We are passionate about culture, leadership and transformation issues.

We tackle every project with humility, creativity and rigor.

Trust and responsibility are at the core of our interventions. They allow us to face reality, take risks, and, sometimes, acknowledge our own limitations.


Our expertise stands where issues about leadership development, change and culture intersect. 25 years of counselling hundreds of private and public organisations, often in multicultural environments, has helped us develop a specific expertise that can be summed up in two dimensions:

Culture and Leadership

"Leadership and culture are two sides of the same coin." Edgar H. Schein

Often, in peoples' minds, leadership equates with a mastery of pertinent skills or evokes the mythical figure of a lonesome visionary. Ultimately, leadership is a conscious decision and above all a gamble on the future. We must reject the status quo in order to alter the course of events and we must take our share of responsibility for the consequences of our choices.

At Sage Consulting, we believe that leadership must be an answer, both individual and collective, to complex problem and adaptation issues.

We therefore approach leadership issues more as learning and adaptation challenges than as a set of skills to cultivate. Experience has taught us that these challenges were closely related to the maturity of the persons, to the corporate culture and environment.

We do not sell culture change programs. Strategy to change culture is not a tool or a method, it’s a way of thinking about organization.

Our method to develop leadership? It all goes back to who you are? Where you want to go? What needs to change? And the context in which the change will unfold.

Our models and tools are robust and have been validated in the field, but we never confuse ends and means. We’ve learned to challenge initial requests too often influenced by the latest corporate development fad. Our interventions are closely connected to the concrete challenges your organisation faces, in order to raise the level of awareness and develop leadership among your teams.

rethinking leadership

Paternalistic leadership is over. The hierarchical leadership model that still prevails in most organizations had its day but it’s less and less adapted to the complex and uncertain world
we live in.

Leadership is not a proof of superiority, a position or the mastery of a set of particular skills. It’s an act of lucidity,
of responsibility and of commitment to the future.

Leadership is not a theory. It’s a real issue, rooted in
an organization’s challenges and environment.

For people to develop and organization to transform, its culture must evolve. Identity is to a person what culture is to an organization. Many cultures have become defensive and restrain the learning and adaptation capabilities.

We believe that everybody can demonstrate leadership.
The key to change is within the organization and between its people. Leadership change the conversations from the expected course of events. Our interventions aim to affect the nature of the daily interactions that make up an organization’s culture.

learning and Transformation

The success of a transformation has little to do with a methodology or a particular technique. That’s why we focus primarily on the process and its impact. We review and adapt our interventions by regularly asking ourselves these questions:

Did the intervention

  • 01Get the organisation on a roll and engage people?
  • 02Focus on critical issues?
  • 03Contribute to the sharing of relevant information?
  • 04Contribute to a constructive climate that helps to raise awareness and nurture risk taking necessary to meaningful learning experiences and effective actions?

Ultimately, if the answer to these questions is negative, we will question the opportunity of our intervention.

No sustainable organizational transformation without actual individual transformation.

"Courage Is Like Love: It Must Have Hope to Nourish It." Gordon Livingston

We put people at the centre of their learning experience by helping them develop reference frameworks and build a repertoire of flexible and nuanced actions, better suited to their environment.

We do not claim to hold the monopoly on solutions for our clients. We believe that learning and transformation in the 21st century consist of:

Developing critical thinking regarding your trade, business environment and society as a whole
Reflecting on fundamental issues: cooperation, performance, mobilisation, innovation, values, mission, clients, and sustainability; proposing methods for exploring organisational issues in a new light; seizing opportunities, experimenting with innovative solutions, failing and learning.

Learning teamwork and collaboration
Sharing information and best practices; recognizing and promoting collaboration on value adding projects; developing a culture more open to
a global understanding of the world by focussing on common objectives, diversity and openness to others.

Being creative and innovative
Moving ideas forward and challenging the status quo in order to solve our society’s problems; knowing how to exploit organisational strengths and assets in order to generate new ideas, processes, products; creating original sharing tools serving as collective and individual means
of expression.

Using new technologies
Understanding human, cultural and business issues driving information technologies; using all sorts of media to interact and collaborate with colleagues and staff; picking the right tools and apps for one’s business environment.

Being autonomous and accountable
Taking initiatives to develop and update mindset and behaviors; transferring knowledge in different situations; developing a personal learning model and successfully networking. Ultimately learn to overcome defensive routine to close the gap between what we say and what we do.


We address each mandate with humbleness, creativity and rigor. Our intervention strategies are flexible and in tune with our clients’
specific environment.

We are
idealistic but
not naïve

We’re trying to build the future while facing reality. We don’t take anything for granted.
In order to grasp the full complexity of our mandates, we use multiple perspectives,
be they organisational, political, historical, social, cultural or psychological.

People do not change:
they evolve and
transform themselves

We believe that everyone has the ability to learn and develop in order to face the challenges of their environment. We cannot control the environment, anymore than we can impose trust, autonomy, accountability, courage or collaboration. But we can get people to own their everyday life at work by experimenting, through each of their encounters, with constructive behaviour that enables learning and transformation.

Rediscovering the true
meaning of the words
mission, service and customer

When we lose our reason for being
and our ideals, when we rely solely
on systems, acquired rights and rules,
we lose the core values underlying a
useful and rewarding work and a
successful organization.

Leadership is a
collective responsibility
for the future

Disengagement toward organizations
and institutions is not due to incompetent management. It has to do with the fact that the world is transforming beyond the
capacity of systems and organizations to adapt and evolve. The new model has not been invented yet. We are all explorers
and potential leaders, challenged by our freedom and charged with responsibilities regarding the future.

Life is
too short
to be small

We live in a world where language, habits, rules and perceptions are not adapted to the challenges we are facing. Limiting ourselves to what looks possible or reasonable disconnects us from what we really wish to accomplish. We’ll be left with a series of compromises constrained by habits, status quo and fear.


Daniel Lacombe

Contribute to changing social relations between persons by designing meaningful experiences
and facilitating their implementation.


  • - Customer experience
  • - Credibility, energy, trust and team building
  • - Pedagogical design, learning and development strategies

Claude Desjardins

Understand the nature and the evolution of the relationships and beliefs that link individuals
with the culture of the organization and society. Explore leadership development, change
and complexity from the perspective of individual and collective maturity issues.


  • - Culture and leadership development strategies that foster success, trust and accountability
  • - Accompaniment of executive teams confronted with transformation issues
  • - Counselling HR about credibility and partnership issues

Guylaine Levert

Boost energy, encourage commitment, install a constructive climate, conducive to exchanges
and learning in order to develop everyone’s full potential.


  • - Management of change projects
  • - Pedagogical design: designing and conducting training programs
  • - Development of tools for monitoring, follow-ups and recognition in order to facilitate transfer of learnings

Isabelle Guiraudie

Accompany clients with kindness, strength and pragmatism.


  • - Development of efficiency and cohesion of management teams
  • - Design and management of transformation projects
  • - Design and management of team seminars
  • - Design of internal communication strategies

Frédéric Voyer

With each intervention, achieve actual development of skills and attitudes related
to the operational and strategic issues of the enterprise for each participant.


  • - Large groups’ facilitation and action learning
  • - Project management
  • - Coordination of workplace conditions surveys
  • - Action oriented approaches to interventions

Francis Gosselin

Share and enable principles of engagement, authenticity and achievement in managers, especially when faced with complex problems. Foster the mobilization and engagement of teams through collaboration and empowerment. Celebrate failure to enable organizational and individual learning, risk-taking and innovation.


  • - Complex project management
  • - Pedagogical design in leadership
  • - Strategic content creation and editing
  • - Animation and facilitation of large groups in co-innovation and co-design
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Over the last 25 years we’ve accompanied hundreds of clients through varied and exciting challenges.

We do not sell products or solutions. We are curious and demanding. In most cases, the quality of the questioning process matters
more than the answers.

We know our limits and we know how to collaborate with the best to suit our clients’ needs.

A few examples of mandates carried out

Redefine the positioning and service strategy of a leader in experiential destination resort and mobilize the whole organization around it.

Plan and facilitate hundreds of meetings and strategic forums using
a wide range of participatory methods.

Accompany for a year the participative strategic planning process of a large university hospital centre going through a very complex merger process.

Develop corporate universities, design and facilitate programs related to strategy, change, culture and leadership.

Accompany management teams in crisis situations or going through merger and acquisition.

Accompany the development of management teams’ capacity to implement strategic transformation.

Advise international groups about the design and implementation
of their global leadership development strategy, while taking into account local situations and cultural differences.

Identify the main strategic challenges and diagnose which aspects should progress regarding leadership, and the organization climate and culture.


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